B.Bopp Productions is the full-time dramatic speaking ministry of Brian Bopp, aka “B.Bopp.” His repertoire of one-man, multi-character dramatic programs has been warmly received by more than 100,000 people across the nation. Audiences of all ages enjoy his enthusiasm for history, humor, Biblical Truth, and audience participation.

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Be a Cheerful & Generous Giver!

God is the Giver of ALL good gifts, and I am sure He is delighted when we are generous with other.  Here’s a good example of how His principles of giving work.  Enjoy! God Loves a Cheerful Giver   <–Click on this title.

Secret to Faithfulness

Jesus used parables & storytelling to convey spiritual truth.  Here’s one of my favorites, told more times than I can remember.  My hope is that it will lodge in the memories of the audience and that life-changing habits of devotion will result.  It is my pleasure to introduce you to my friend Isaac – Faithful Servant.

Profound theology…with candy

JESUS IS MY LIFESAVER Jesus Is My Lifesaver Childrens Time from Aldersgate UMC on Vimeo. Only an all-powerful and all-knowing God could be the source of true Justice.  Thankfully, that is exactly who God IS!  In this Children’s Time, B.Bopp uses the scales of Justice to provide a good illustration of how the penalty of sin is paid, and how Jesus truly is our
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