B.Bopp Productions is the full-time dramatic speaking ministry of Brian Bopp, aka “B.Bopp.” His repertoire of one-man, multi-character dramatic programs has been warmly received by more than 100,000 people across the nation. Audiences of all ages enjoy his enthusiasm for history, humor, Biblical Truth, and audience participation.

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The Divine Commission

Recently I came into the possession of my Grandfather’s sermon notes from over thirty years of preaching to small Episcopal parishes in Minnesota.  Rev. L.W. Hallet and my grandmother Rosa raised a family of three boys and four girls.  Although their earthly riches didn’t amount to much I’m sure their eternal riches are bountiful.  It is with sincere gratitude that I offer these sermons,
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Sailing & Life # 13: Clear the Centerboard

Lesson 13: Clear the centerboard Without getting too technical, the centerboard (or dagger-board) is a critical component to keep the boat sailing straight and upright.  It extends down through the hull into the water below, unseen but very important nonetheless.  Deer Lake is shallow enough in some places that the weeds grow up close to the surface of the water. If the centerboard catches
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Sailing & Life # 12: Improvise!

Lesson 12: Improvise! My Dad was a man who never bought anything new.  I suspect that he never recovered from the Great Depression – he was a young man at the time – so he bought used items and fixed them.  In other words he was cheap.  This applied to his recreations, his cars, his house, and of course to sailing as well.  Dad got
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